Connie And Carla

Connie (NIA VARDALOS) and Carla (TONI COLLETTE) are two small-town girls whose dreams ofstardom have taken them nowhere. From their debut in a school cafeteria to their current gig slinging drinks and belting out tunes at a Midwestern airport lounge, the singing anddancing duo simply refuse to let the less-than-enthusiastic crowd response dampen their show bizdrive. For Connie and Carla, everything's coming up roses, naysaying boyfriends and snoringaudience members notwithstanding. The girls lose one of their few supporters when their boss Frank ends up on the wrong end of a criminal deal--a scene they unfortunately happen to witness. Quicker than a fast change in the second act, Connie and Carla pack up their battered dreams and extensive assortment of wigs and costumes and hit the road, running for their lives.

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