Tom Cruise

Tom Cruise Wallpapers is section of popular american actor and producer born on 3rd July 1962 in {New York}. He is best known for his roles in movies like {Top Gun}, {Jerry Maguire}, {Mission Impossible}. 

On 9th May 1987 {Tom Cruise} married with {Mimi Rogers} and they divorced after three years. His second Marriage was with {Nicole Kidman} on 24th December 1990. Tom and Nicole seperated in 2001. After Nicole she was in relation with {Penelope Cruz}. In April 2005 he start dating with {Katie Holmes} and later they get married.

Tom Cruise filmography: {Endless Love}, {Taps}, {The Outsider}, {Losin It}, {All the Right Moves}, {Risky Bussines}, {Legend}, {Top Gun}, {The Color Of Money}, {Cocktail}, {Young Guns}, {Rain Man}, {Born on the Fourth of July}, {The Firm}, {Interview With The Vampire}, {Mission Impossible}, {Jerry Maguire}, {Eyes Wide Shut}, {Magnolia}, {Vanilla Sky}, {Minority Report},{The Last Samurai}, {Collateral}, {War of the Worlds}, {Lions for Lambs}, {Topic Thunder}, {Valkyrie}, {Knight and Day} and some others ....

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