The Pink Panther 2

"The Pink Panther 2," the sequel to the 2006 worldwide hit, stars Steve
Martin as he reprises the role of intrepid-if-bumbling French police
detective, Inspector Jacques Clouseau. When legendary treasures from
around the world are stolen, including the priceless Pink Panther
Diamond, Chief Inspector Dreyfus (John Cleese) is forced to assign
Clouseau to a team of international detectives and experts charged with
catching the thief and retrieving the stolen artifacts. Martin is
joined by his co-stars Jean Reno (as Ponton, his partner) and Emily
Mortimer (as Nicole, the object of his awkward affections). The
investigative dream team is played by Andy Garcia, Alfred Molina, Yuki
Matsuzaki ("Letters From Iwo Jima") and Bollywood star Aishwarya Rai
Bachchan. Lily Tomlin also stars. The story is set in Paris and Rome.


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